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There are a number of places of attraction situated in the Genting Highlands. Nevertheless, distinct from general attractions at other places such as monuments or bars, places of attraction of Genting Highlands are mushroom farms, temple, casino and cable car ride. This cable car ride is probably the most fascinating attraction for the visitors. The most widely known points of interest to be visited here are:

- The Great Strawberry Farms

-The Visitors Galleria

-Chin Swee Temple -The Garden of Gohtong

-The Mushroom Farm

-The Memorial Hall

-Cable Car Ride


Chin Swee Temple

Chin Swee Temple GentingChin Swee Temple is a very renowned temple that is nicely positioned in the area of a rocky hillside, at the foothills of the Genting Highlands peak. This is a remarkably spiritual site and the entire temple is designed in very unique architecture. It makes use of the middle century Mongolian legendary shaped arching designs. A lot of attentive statues have also been incorporated in the entire temple. The paintwork is nice and decorated mainly in bright colors and shades as well. The statue of the Reverend Chin Swee in the temple is positioned in accordance with fengshui concepts. It is being placed at the northern part of the main hall with his face facing south. Theres is a natural rock in a man-made flowing stream behind the statue. The rock provides the required support to the statue while the stream supplies clear cool mineral water around the year. This water is called ‘Dragon Mineral Water’ and it is believed that the water could heal the sick.

Genting Mushroom Farm

Mushroom Farm GentingThe mushroom farm Genting Highlands could be reached by pursuing the signboards to Kuala Lumpur after the resort area. It is located at the back of the sparkly Genting theme park and resorts of Genting Highlands. The entrance of the farm could be notified at the left, right opposite a small park with unique statues illustrating large mushrooms and cartoonish dolphins. This popular mushroom farm cultivates and sells mushrooms. Inside the musroom farm, visitors could see different warehouse sections that grow different fungi and mushroom species in tubes which looks like cannister, loaded horizontally on racks. Guests will be able to see a land within the farm that's used to grow vegetables. After exiting the farming area, visitors can visit the main store that sells traditional herbs, tea, Chinese snacks, souvenirs, handicrafts and even clothes. Visitos could buy fresh mushrooms and greens produced by the farm which are sold outside the store in the open air.




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